Great Positioning Doesn’t Mean People Care

Whether you’re in a B2B or a B2C business, have you ever had a hard time getting potential clients or consumers to fully grasp what’s unique and special about the products or services your company provides?

What if you could ensure people saw your offerings exactly how you wish them to be seen?

Influential Branding Addresses the Subconscious

There’s a reason that shaping how your brand is perceived is difficult:

Creating sustained emotional engagement with your brand requires specific techniques addressed to your clients’ and consumers’ subconscious. These techniques are anything but obvious.

(By the way, they have nothing to do with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)

Secret Hollywood Techniques

We’ve all experienced being caught up in a film or TV episode. The top writers and directors in Hollywood have mastered the art and craft of evoking, in audiences, deep and sustained emotional engagement with their characters and stories.

David Freeman, coming from a Hollywood background, has decoded these “Emotioneering”™ techniques. Since every brand, like a character, has an identity, these techniques work on brands just as well.

Freeman consults and teaches them around the world, showing companies how to use them to attract and keep customers and clients.

The Three Key Ways To Make Your Products and Services Desired

David will deconstruct what the most successful brands are doing to create sustained emotional engagement .

These techniques are just effective when applied to websites, ads, commercials, presentations, emails, videos, or sales pitches.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to turn your brand into an “Emotional Pulsar,” so that what you offer will always feel fresh and exciting.
  2. How to create a “Brand Diamond®,” so that your products and services will intrigue and magnetize your potential clients and buyers.
  3. Techniques for adding some “mystique” to your brand, so that people will become loyal insiders with a very personal connection to what you offer. Your brand will resonate in a hundred different ways to a hundred different people.

Over 35 Additional Techniques for Shaping Perception and Communicating Value

Within the above three categories are a vast number of techniques you and your company can use, and you’ll learn them during this event.

Freeman will deconstruct the subconscious branding techniques at work in numerous great websites –– in over 20 captivating television commercials –– in a slew of powerful print ads ––and in many other branded communications.

Even if you don’t have the budget for TV commercials (and few companies do), the techniques you’ll learn have direct and powerful application to your website, your presentations, and every branded communication your company creates.

Make your brand move people, delight them, excite them, and/or inspire them.

Turn potential clients and customers into brand evangelists.

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